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what is createbuzz?

Create Buzz Inc. is a collaboration of two tri-city based studios to bring together two separate disciplines, styles and ultimately a better service offering for clients where a broader approach is required. We provide marketing, graphic design, web design, interactive design and various other specialized services to companies just like yours.

who makes up createbuzz?

Create Buzz is run by the two owners of the following two studios:

Bonzai Design Studio – Bonzai Design Studio Inc., is a multi-disciplinary design studio specializing in brand creation and cultivation. With a varied client list, Bonzai Design helps clients establish strong, relevant and consistent brands through the use of various media including print, web & interactive marketing.

zfactor – zfactor communications is a full service e-marketing studio. Specializing in digital communications and online strategy, zfactor offers a full specturm of agency services from conceptual to completion. Strategically driven, zfactor prides itself in creating effective marketing campaigns designed to deliver results.

there's a lot of value in our approach

Our approach is slightly different from what you'd traditionally find. We bring two complementary sets of services together, overlap the experience and deliver our clients with unprecedented value while providing world-class creative services all around.

combine the experience

Cumulatively Create Buzz has over 20 years of agency experience in advertising, design, new media, internet and marketing. We bring together a wide gamut of work experience on clients such as:

Canadian Red Cross \ Zap Paintball International \ Jansen-Ortho \ Dimplex North America \ Royal Bank of Canada \ Samsung \ GE Mortgage \ GE Appliances \ AGFA Healthcare \ Lacoste \ Kangaroos Footwear \ Clarica \ Research in Motion \ Hercules Tires International \ Mortgage Brokers of Canada \ Ontario Federation of Agriculture \ Ontario Plastics Association \ Independant Mortgage Brokers Associaion of Ontario \ Employee's Advocacy Council \ Equitable Life Insurance \ Sunlife Financial \ Schaaf Foods \ Kiwanis

small but powerful

Because of our integrated approach we're able to scale our service offerings depending on your unique situation. This gives us the ability to be tremendously responsive to you while at the same time providing the same services offerings you've come to expect from larger agencies.

we don't usually bite

We're pretty casual and approachable, you'll often find us in jeans and uncoordinated t-shirt combinations. As casual as we are, we take what we do very seriously. We have a long track record of proven business success and extremely happy clients. Call us today to see what we're capable of - we may even wear a collared shirt to the meeting!

contact us

Massimo Zefferino / massimo@zfactor.ca / 519.884.2000
Iles Z. Guran / iles@bonzaidesign.com / 519.669.8900
General Inquiries: info@createbuzz.ca